1. City Council Members

    Contact information for all City Council Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners.

  2. Accounts Commissioner

    The Accounts Department supervises the offices of the City Clerk, City Assessor, Purchasing, Risk and Safety Management, and Records Management.

  3. Boards and Committees

    Boards and Committees created by the City Council.

  4. City Historian Archives

    To reach the City Historian please call City Historian Archives at 518-587-2358

  5. Finance Commissioner

  6. Justice of the Peace

    You can contact a Justice of the Peace through the City Clerk's office.

  7. Mayor's Office

    The Mayor is the chief executive officer and official representative of the city.

  8. Public Works Commissioner

    The Public Works Department is responsible for the repair, replacement, and maintenance of all of the public ways, streets and highways in the City.

  9. Public Safety Commissioner