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Updated 5/21/20



Each re-opening business must have a written Safety Plan.  A business may fill out this template to fulfill the requirement, or may develop its own Safety Plan. 

The Building Department will ask you to send in a copy of your Safety Plan before issuing a permit or scheduling an inspection.  

Until Further Notice

The Counter is Closed to the Public

updated 5/20/20
In consideration of the guidance document released from Empire State Development on Executive Order 202.6 (and 8) and recent updates on the status of COVID-19 in our area, the Building Department has imposed the following limitations on our service until further notice.

Our staff in the Building Department is working and available by phone and email during business hours, although offices remain closed to the public.

  • Permit applications and materials can now be submitted via US Mail only.  Primary contact email address must be included on the application.
  • Building Inspectors are continuing to review permit applications that have been checked-in and accepted into our review queue.
  • Permits will be issued once we have verification of your written Safety Plan.
  • Inspections can be scheduled once we have verification of your written Safety Plan.
  • Requests for COs, Zoning Compliance Letters and other property records will be processed as soon as possible, within the limitations of staff workloads.

All applications and plans will be checked for completeness, including code and zoning compliance.  


Building permit applications for projects requiring Land Use Board review will only be accepted after the Notice of Decision is issued with an approval.

Residential permit applications must now include a completed Zoning Compliance Chart

Effective May 12, 2020 the NYS Uniform Code and NYS Energy Code will be updated to the 2020 version.

The State has provided NO transition period for this code change.  
The effective date will not change as a result of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.  

Applications postmarked or accepted on or after May 12, 2020 must comply with the 2020 NYS Code books.   Incomplete or inadequate applications will cause delays.

For more information, please visit the Department of State website:

How Long Will It Take to Get a Permit?

We currently have 106 permit applications, and they are reviewed in the order they are received.  

We do our best to issue these permits within 48 hours:  

Processing time for your application depends on zoning compliance issues, waiting on missing or revised information, the number of applications submitted ahead of yours, and other demands for staff, such as the volume of inspections and enforcement matters.

NOTE:  Only complete applications are accepted for review.  Plans will also be reviewed for zoning compliance.  Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance for more information.


The Building Department reviews plans, issues permits and provides inspections for the following types of construction:

  • Blasting and demolition activities
  • Commercial buildings
  • New constructions, alterations, repair, renovations, reconstruction, building relocation, and changes in occupancy
  • Plumbing installations, septic systems
  • Signs, swimming pools, sheds, decks
  • Single and multi-family residences and additions
Each of these activities requires submission of an application, fee, appropriate plans and issuance of a permit prior to any construction. During construction, periodic inspections are required to ensure compliance with the recently adopted family of New York State Building Codes as well as local zoning regulation.

In addition, the Building Department provides assistance to the city's Zoning Board of Appeals and Design Review Commission as necessary.

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