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NOTE:  We are temporarily located at the Recreation Center, 15 Vanderbilt Avenue

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How Long Will It Take to Get a Permit?

We currently have 69 permit applications, and they are reviewed in the order they are received.   

Processing time for your application depends on zoning compliance issues, waiting on missing or revised information, the number of applications submitted ahead of yours, and other demands for staff, such as the volume of inspections and enforcement matters.

We are currently reviewing permit applications for NEW RESIDENTIAL construction submitted on or before:  April 23, 2019

We are currently reviewing permit applications for RESIDENTIAL ADDITIONS & ALTERATIONS submitted on or before:  April 24, 2019

We do our best to issue these permits within 48 hours: 

NOTE:  Only complete applications are accepted for review.  Plans will also be reviewed for zoning compliance.  Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance for more information.


The Building Department reviews plans, issues permits and provides inspections for the following types of construction:

  • Blasting and demolition activities
  • Commercial buildings
  • New constructions, alterations, repair, renovations, reconstruction, building relocation, and changes in occupancy
  • Plumbing installations, septic systems
  • Signs, swimming pools, sheds, decks
  • Single and multi-family residences and additions
Each of these activities requires submission of an application, fee, appropriate plans and issuance of a permit prior to any construction. During construction, periodic inspections are required to ensure compliance with the recently adopted family of New York State Building Codes as well as local zoning regulation.

In addition, the Building Department provides assistance to the city's Zoning Board of Appeals and Design Review Commission as necessary.

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