Rec Center Drop In Programs

Check out our monthly calendar for our Drop-in Adult Basketball, Open Gym, Pickleball and Zumba times. Please note on tournament weekends there will be no drop in programs or racquetball court rentals.

Reservations for our Racquetball court can be made by calling 587-3550 x2300.

Drop In Fees for Adult Basketball, Open Gym, Pickleball, Zumba and Hourly Racquetball Rates:

Adult Basketball: C $3   S $3   N $ 5
Open Gym:          Free
Pickleball:            C $3   S $3   N $ 4
Zumba:                C $6   S $8   N $10
Racquetball:        C $5   S $5   N $10
Racquetball (Sr): C $3   S $8   N $ 8