Senior Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The Saratoga Springs Senior Advisory Committee is a non-political committee, appointed by the Mayor, representing the senior citizens of Saratoga Springs.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the City of Saratoga Springs and its senior citizens as we work together to accomplish the following:

  • Elicit senior concerns, raise awareness, report back to the Mayor, and advocate for solutions to the needs of seniors
  • Increase access and mobility for seniors within an age friendly community
  • Enhance opportunities for seniors to participate fully in the life of the community
  • Advocate for support services for seniors
  • Attend meetings of organizations that are of significance to senior issues
  • To serve as a liaison between seniors and the Mayor and the members of the City Council

Goals for 2017

1. Meet with Complete Streets at least once a quarter. We will advocate for the special mobility needs of seniors.
a. Action Step: Advocate for drive-up Mail Box.
b. Action Step: Advocate for adequate Handicapped Parking.
2. Speak out for our City’s seniors in contact with our county, state, and federal government officials.
a. Action Step: Forum with public officials.
3. Increase communication and interaction with the senior population.
a. Action Step: Work through the interfaith clergy Group and others to identify the needs of the homebound and socially isolated seniors.
b. Action Step: Promote awareness of the Senior Advisory Committee through letters to editor, articles press releases, and electronic media.
c. Action Step: Coordinate and cooperate with the Senior Center wherever appropriate.
4. Stay abreast of housing developments in the City that might offer opportunities for senior housing.
a. Action Step: Maintain liaison with the Affordable Housing Task Force.


Organizational Members

Academy for Life Long Learning – Jeff Shinaman
Office for the Aging (Saratoga County) – Denise Yannaci
Office of the Mayor- Meg Kelly
Saratoga Adult & Senior Center – Lois Celeste
Saratoga Hospital – vacant
Saratoga Springs Supervisor – Peter Martin
The Wesley Community – Lorrie Shilling

Individual Members:

Cliff Ammon
Phil Diamond
Janet Howells
Jay Portnoy
Dee Sarno
Ann Shepard
Lou Schneider
Barbara Thomas