Community Development Non-Profit Grant Program

Program Proposal Summary

In an effort to address growing community needs, as well as provide equitable access to City financial support for our local non-profit organizations, the Community Development Department, in coordination with the Mayor and Commissioner of Finance, propose the creation of a City-funded Community Development Non-Profit Grant Program.

Currently, the only consistent resource for supporting identified priority needs is yearly Community Development Block Grant Entitlement (CDBG) Funds. While this funding stream has supported hundreds of projects and programs at the benefit of Saratoga Springs’ low-moderate income community, its rigid federal restrictions often render the most needed initiatives ineligible for CDBG support. The use of largely unrestricted City funds would allow for the Community Development Department to better target and support the breadth of evolving community needs. Additionally, federal funding for the CDBG Entitlement Program has remained largely stagnant over the last three decades (with no adjustment for inflation), and been stretched to include an increasing number of municipalities qualifying for entitlement. As such, the City’s regular allotment has decreased by about 44% since the instatement of the program. CDBG Entitlement funding alone is not enough to meet the needs of the community and its most vulnerable members.

Eligible Activity Categories and Entities

  • Non-profit organizations located in the City of Saratoga Springs are eligible to apply. Non-profits located in Saratoga County who serve City residents are also eligible.
  • Eligible agencies may apply under three separate categories:
    • Human Services, Housing & Workforce Development – awards will be based on priorities established in current CDBG Consolidated Plan (may be utilized as leveraged, local funding for grants awarded under the traditional CDBG Entitlement Program).

    • Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency – awards will prioritize activities supporting Recommendations & Best Practices as detailed in the City’s Natural Resource Inventory, sustainability as outlined in the current Comprehensive Plan, reduce GHG emissions as outlined within the Paris Climate Agreement (per City Council resolution on 5/21/2019), and/or the list of actions that are part of the Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Certification program (per City Council Resolution 12/20/11). 

    • Arts, Culture & History – awards will be based on yearly priorities set by the City Arts Commission.

* Goals established within the City’s current Consolidated Plan will be considered as part of the application evaluation process for all 3 categories. *

Application and Award Process

Applications will be available on the website. Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted per calendar year.  All grants under this program shall require a finding by the Council that the amount of the individual grant provides a public benefit equal to or greater than the amount of the grant.

Grantee Reporting Requirements and Impact Tracking

  • Grantees must submit a progress report detailing number of persons served, including demographics, income and other data as may be required by the Community Development Planner, and a final report detailing the same upon the completion of the grant.
  • Grantees may be required to present a summary of the complete, funded activity at a City Council meeting.
  • The Community Development Planner will produce an aggregate funding impact report following each program year to be shared with Council and posted publicly.

Non-Profit Grant Program Application

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