Department Awards & Employee Recognition

The Saratoga Springs Police Department held its annual award ceremony today in City Hall. Recipients were recognized for their outstanding contributions to law enforcement efforts in 2009 and included members of the department, the NY State Police, and several private citizens.

Additionally, Patrolman Keith Pellegri was awarded posthumously the Legion of Honor resulting from his forced retirement due to severe injuries suffered in the line-of-duty stemming from a 2006 motor vehicle crash.

This section contains short narratives outlining the specific acts of each honoree. All are to be commended for their professionalism, commitment to the law enforcement profession and in the case of our citizens, their willingness to become involved. It is with everyone's help that we serve as a community police department. 
Winners of awards hold up certificates
  1. 2009 Distinguished Service Award

    Trooper Galcik's actions and assistance to SSPD members in this case directly resulted in the successful resolution to a potentially very violent situation and helped to earn him the Distinguished Service Award.

  2. 2009 Life Saving Award

    Officer Sartin's quick and alert actions, with disregard for his personal safety, resulted in saving the operator from serious physical injury or death earned him the 2009 Life Saving Award.

  3. Distinguished Service Award

    The department proudly presented the Distinguished Service Award to Trooper Richard Billings.

  4. Drug Buster Award

    Get a short anecdote about why Investigator Richard Arpei received the Drug Buster Award.

  5. Honorable Service Award

    The department proudly presented the Honorable Service Award to Patrolman Daniel Noeker.

  6. Legion of Honor

    Officer Pellegri passed away tragically and unexpectedly in June, 2010. He left behind a loving family, including his wife, Doreen, his children Andrew and Alexandra, his parents Joseph and Nikki, and his sister Terry.

  7. Life Saving Award

    Learn a little bit about the officer who earned the Life Saving Award in the Saratoga Springs Police Department.

  8. Officer of the Year

    The Lieutenants of the Saratoga Springs Police Department have named Officer Justin Ahigian the 2010 Officer of the Year.