Water Treatment Plant

One of the most important functions of the City’s Department of Public Works is the responsibility to operate and maintain the City’s water delivery system and treatment facilities.  Keeping these facilities up-to-date and in excellent operating condition is critical to the needs of our community and remains a top priority for the administrators of DPW.

Excelsior Avenue Treatment Plant

The Excelsior Avenue Treatment Plant has been the main treatment facility for the City since it was built in 1935. Prior to 1979, when the Geyser Crest system was purchased, it was the sole Water Treatment Plant for the entire city.  

Geyser Crest Well System

In addition to the Loughberry Lake water supply the City also depends on the system of wells located in the City’s Geyser Crest neighborhood. These wells primarily supply the Geyser Crest subdivision and adjoining neighborhoods in the Town of Milton with City supplied potable water. 

Bog Meadow Pump Station

 Bog Meadow Pump Station was constructed in 1964 to supplement Loughberry Lake in times of high usage. An impoundment was built on Bog Meadow Brook with the capability of pumping up to 2 million gallon per day directly to Loughberry Lake. In 1999 a connection off this line was made directly to the Water Plant for use to bypass Loughberry Lake if needed.  In 2014 development of 3 wells at the site was started.
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