Commissioner of Public Works

The Commissioner of Public Works is the Department Head of the Department of Public Works, including the Utilities Department. The Commissioner is responsible for:
  • The oversight of street and highway maintenance including snowplowing, leaf pickup and sanding and salting
  • The maintenance and beautification of the City’s Buildings and Grounds
  • The maintenance and inventory of the City’s infrastructure
  • The administration of water and sewer billing
  • The maintenance and use of Congress Park
  • The use and rental of the Carousel, the Casino and other City facilities
  • The oversight of the City Engineer office
  • The Commissioner of Public Works is responsible for ensuring that the City water system provides sufficient quantities of safe potable water.
  • The Commissioner of Public Works is charged with ensuring that the City’s storm water system is adequate for runoff without flooding, and that the sewage disposal system provides sufficient capacity.
  • The Commissioner manages controls and maintains the water supply treatment and distribution system, sanitary sewage disposal system and stormwater carrier system throughout the City.
  • The Commissioner recommends water and sewer rates for City Council approval. Utility bills are printed and mailed by the Department of Public Works Utility Department.
  • The Commissioner of Public Works may require that property owners be responsible for removal of snow and ice from and repairs to the public sidewalks and curbs in the front of their property.
  • The Commissioner of Public Works shall maintain, operate and repair City-owned lands and facilities except for those specifically vested with the Commissioner of Public Safety.
  • The Commissioner of Public Works with Council approval sets the policy and rates for the rental of City property.