Construction Site Runoff Control

Minimum Control Measure 4

This measure calls for establishing and enforcing erosion control regulations applicable to construction or other land uses based on the surface area of soil being disturbed. It further requires the City to enact local legislation prohibiting sediment migration from a job site along with safe handling and disposal of other potential pollutants.  Accordingly, the City’s Zoning, Subdivision, and Site Plan ordinances include regulations to manage construction site runoff during land disturbing activities. These provisions are set forth in Chapter 242 of the City Code.

Chapter 242 also enables the City Engineer to require that a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) be prepared by a licensed engineer for certain sized commercial and residential construction projects. In addition, weekly construction site inspections must be performed, excavation contractors must receive erosion control training, and all vested parties must attend a pre-construction meeting to insure the project complies with the contents of the SWPPP.