Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

Minimum Control Measure 3

The Department of Public Works has implemented a comprehesive IDDE Program to detect and eliminate pollution from entering the municipal storm sewer system. These so called illicit discharges are prohibited and lawfully enforceable in accordance with Chapter 138 of the City Code. The IDDE Program also incorporates mapping and inspection of the municipal sewers as well as storm sewer outfalls that discharge to public waters.

Public Works employees monitor an extensive storm sewer system comprised of thousands of storm drains and hundreds of miles of carrier pipe. The City has invested in specialized equipment designed to detect and identify illicit discharges often in response to reports of problems or public complaints. In addition, stormwater samples are collected several times a year to test for coliform bacteria which when detected initiates a methodical investigation followed by the remediation of the source of contamination.