Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

Minimum Control Measure 6

This measure is intended to improve the quality of stormwater discharged from buildings, facilities, and other operations owned or performed by the City itself. It requires the MS4 operator, in this case the City of Saratoga Springs, to establish a Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Program focusing attention on infrastructure and work activities. As part of this program, the City has conducted a comprehensive self-audit to evaluate the Public Works and Public Safety Departments to identify and eliminate potential stormwater pollutants.

Employee training and education remains a key component of this program. In-house classes for Public Works personnel are routinely provided where employees are informed of the general concepts of stormwater management and instructed on how to reduce pollutants by modifying their work procedures. Hazardous material spill prevention and clean-up is also part of this education.  Building inspectors, code enforcement officers, and engineering staff are also provided opportunities to attend stormwater-related classes outside the walls of City Hall.