Post-Construction Runoff Control

Minimum Control Measure 5

Post-construction runoff controls are designed and installed for two important reasons: 1) to minimize the quantity and 2) to maximize the quality of stormwater being discharged from a site once construction is complete. These controls, also known as Stormwater Management Practices (SMP's), are another important component of the project's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) discussed earlier.

Since the rate of stormwater runoff is significantly greater from land that has been developed or built upon, permanent Stormwater Management Practices (SMP) such as ponds, wetlands, grass swales, bioretention areas, and infiltration devices must be incorporated into the project’s drainage plan. The primary purpose of these SMP’s is to reduce the discharge of stormwater from the developed site by cycling stormwater back into the soil where it can be cleansed and also recharge underground water aquifers.