Public Education & Outreach

Minimum Control Measure 1

Educating the general public about the impact of pollutants on stormwater quality is essential to establish community based support and to foster a better understanding of goals set forth in the City’s Stormwater Management Program Plan. This can be achieved by offering reading materials, conducting educational workshops, and organizing stakeholder meetings.

At the offices of the City Engineer and Department of Public Works individuals can find pamphlets and other informative materials that provide extensive information about MS4 regulations and stormwater pollution prevention in general. This information is geared toward City residents but also targets commercial sectors with an emphasis on the building trades. Pamphlets have been made available at other venues around town including the Farmers Market, the Visitor's Center, and the City Center.

And if you haven’t already noticed, there is a short message printed on your quarterly water & sewer bill that offers simple tips on ways you can prevent stormwater pollution and take part in keeping our natural waterways clean.