Public Participation & Involvement

Minimum Control Measure 2

Public participation helps to establish working partnerships between local government agencies and the residents & business owners of Saratoga Springs. It provides opportunities for public and private interaction concerning stormwater matters and often results in more diversified representation at meetings and public gatherings dealing with stormwater management.

The public is welcome anytime to comment on the Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) Plan and is likewise invited to do so during presentation of the MS4 Annual Report to the City Council each spring. Public imput is also welcome by way of phone, email or in person by contacting the Stormwater Management Coordinator or Stormwater Management Officer within the City Engineers Office.

Stormwater professionals have performed presentations at the Saratoga Springs Public Library and the Saratoga County Cooperative Extension Office where the public is invited to learn about a broad array of stormwater topics and have their views or concerns acknowledged.

Hands-On Participation

A great example of hands-on participation is the ongoing campaign to install “Don’t Pollute” decals on storm drains located downtown and at other attractions which generate plenty of foot traffic. The City also sponsors a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day that enables residents to dispose of hazardous materials responsibly which keeps harmful substances away from stormwater and the environment.