Financial Transparency

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In an effort to provide the community with access to City financial data, the City makes its budgets as well as other financial information available on the City website. You can find copies of the City’s current and historic budgets, annual audited financial statements, quarterly and year-end financial reports, and Bond information on both the Finance Department and Transparency pages.

This year the Finance Department is updating its interactive reporting tool that allows the public to explore City financial data online in various, easy-to-use graphical formats selected by the user.  The City has engaged ClearGov to assist with providing the public with this  opportunity.

With this tool, the City provides historical financial data from 2009 to the current year.  In addition, year-to-date monthly data is available from 2011, and will be uploaded regularly for the current year. Users can obtain the data they desire, drilling down to finite details or scaling up to the big picture. Users can also download the data as an excel spreadsheet.

The Clear Gov Transparency program allows the public to see all eight City Funds in numerous reports and graphs.  The budget you will see upon opening is the General Operating Budget, as this is often of most interest and uses the most amount of property tax to fund its expenses.  It also has demographic data, as well as the option to input your own personal tax bill amount so you can see exactly what you pay for each expense.

Soon we hope to include information about specific capital projects and a “check book” that documents payments to City Vendors.  Our input will evolve as the program is utilized – so please visit this site, and provide your questions and comments to:

Commissioner of Finance

Minita Sanghvi 

518.587.3550 x2577

Deputy Commissioner of Finance

Heather Crocker

518.587.3550 x2571

Budget Director

Donna Woods

518.587.3550 x2524

Get started by visiting Saratoga Springs Financial Transparency Portal. The link will open a new window containing tips on how to use the ClearGov platform.