Sales Tax Street Listing

On June 28, 2001, the City Council approved leaving the Saratoga County (County) formula effective June 1, 2002.
The sales tax rate of 7% will not change but the entity to which the tax is paid will. In the past sales tax collected in the City of Saratoga Springs (City) was paid to the County via New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Beginning June 1, 2002, the sales tax collected in the City of Saratoga Springs will be paid directly to the City. Those sales tax vendors residing in the County but outside of the City will continue to pay sales tax to the County.

Sales tax vendors questioning where to pay sales tax after June 1, 2002 can utilize the “Street Listing” posted on this site. Streets that reside solely within the City limits are marked as “ALL” and streets that cross City lines are marked with the beginning and ending street numbers on the even and odd sides of the street.

Additional Information

For more information please the Sales Tax Street Listing (PDF).