2018 Property Tax Pre-Payment

The City Council approved the 2018 Annual Tax Resolution during the December 28th City Council meeting, and the Finance Department is now accepting the prepayment of 2018 property taxes. 

In-person pre-payments will be accepted following the 2:00 pm City Council meeting on Thursday 12/28/17 until 4:00 pm, and Friday 12/29/17 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Online pre-payments will be accessible following the 2:00 pm City Council meeting on Thursday 12/28/17, and pre-payments can be made until Sunday 12/31/17. The online payment system will only allow full year or quarterly installment payments, not partial pre-payments. Mail for pre-payments will be accepted with a postmark through 12/31/17. For questions please contact the Tax Collection Office at 518-587-3550 extension 2564.

Statement on the pre-payment of 2018 Property Taxes by Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan HERE

City of Saratoga Springs Complete 2018 Tax Roll 

To search for your property tax bill:

1) open the complete tax file by clicking the link below or from the City's main page,
2) press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to bring up the search field,
3) enter your SBL or other unique property identifier (such as the last name on the billing address) to search for your bill. The search could take a few minutes.

Step-by-step instructions to pay your property tax bill online can be found HERE.

The City of Saratoga Springs takes no position on the potential benefit(s) or risk(s) of prepaying 2018 property taxes in 2017. Please consult your financial consultant for advice and recommendations.