Community Choice Aggregation

The City of Saratoga Springs is currently exploring Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for residents and small businesses in the city of Saratoga Springs.  

First launched in New York State as a pilot in Westchester County in 2016, CCA allows local governments to work together through a shared purchasing model to put out for bid the total amount of electricity and/or natural gas being purchased by eligible customers. Eligible CCA customers will have the opportunity to have more control to lock in rates on their electricity and/or natural gas, make decisions on their source of power which could result regional or state clean energy innovation and investment. CCA programs provide electric and/or natural gas supply choices while continuing still relying on the delivery service and physical infrastructure of the local electric utility (National Grid).  Customer's energy supply rates are effected but not delivery rates which will remain with National Grid.

Since CCA programs are community wide, they offer the opportunity to facilitate wider market based deployment of clean energy including energy efficiency, large-scale renewables and distributed energy resources (DER), and increasing the benefits of retail competition for residential and small non-residential customers. A well developed CCA program, that includes the necessary consumer protection, will create these benefits for participating communities. 

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How are ESCOs Different than the Proposed CCA