Switch from STAR Exemption to the STAR Credit


  • the STAR credit program you will receive a check in the mail from the Tax Department to apply to your school taxes. The value of the STAR credit savings may increase by as much as 2% each year.
  • the STAR exemption program you receive a direct reduction on your school tax bill in the form of a property tax exemption. The value of the STAR exemption savings will not increase.

Property owners who wish to stop receiving the STAR exemption can request that the exemption be removed. The removal procedure varies based on when the property owner asks for the exemption to be removed.

On or Before June 17th go to www.tax.ny.gov and click on "Make the Switch" the STATE will notify the City to remove your STAR Exemption. You will receive a check from the STATE prior to the School Tax bill going out.

June 18th through December 31st (If you want a check for 2019) you will need to renounce the STAR Exemption first then register with the STATE at www.tax.ny.gov and click on "Make the Switch.

Application to Renounce STAR Exemption (PDF)


**Please Note: Switching is optional and you cannot switch back to the exemption at a later time.