Lake Ave Bike Lanes

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A message from Peter Martin, Commissioner of Public Safety

The Lake Ave Bike Lanes 

The Lake Avenue bicycle lanes are designed to provide traffic calming.  Traffic should flow along Lake Avenue at slower speeds – closer to the posted limits.  Crossing Lake Avenue at the designated crosswalks should be easier because the distance across vehicle traffic lanes will be shorter.  We anticipate less demand for on-street parking near the rec fields as more people become comfortable biking to these fields.  Future phases of this project should make walking and crossing safer for pedestrians.  The Saratoga Springs Complete Streets Plan, which was adopted by the city in 2016, provides a framework for providing all modes of mobility on existing city streets.  The following links will take you to the engineer's plans for the bike lanes, a presentation describing the lanes and the City's Complete Streets Plan.

  1. Engineer Plans
  2. Full Presentation
  3. Complete Streets Plan

Engineer Plans