Senior Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The Saratoga Springs Senior Advisory Committee is a non-political committee, appointed by the Mayor, representing the senior citizens of Saratoga Springs.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the City of Saratoga Springs and its senior citizens as we work together to accomplish the following:

  • Elicit senior concerns, raise awareness, report back to the Mayor, and advocate for solutions to the needs of seniors
  • Increase access and mobility for seniors within an age friendly community
  • Enhance opportunities for seniors to participate fully in the life of the community
  • Advocate for support services for seniors
  • Attend meetings of organizations that are of significance to senior issues
  • To serve as a liaison between seniors and the Mayor and the members of the City Council

Goals for 2019 - 2020

1. Increase communication and interaction with the senior population

  1. Action Step:  Maintain the membership of the committee so that it is representative of seniors living in the various neighborhoods of the city, .has 12 active members, and has staggered 3-year terms.
  2. Action Step: Work through the interfaith clergy Group and others to identify the needs of the home-bound and socially isolated seniors.
  3. Action Step: Promote awareness of the Senior Advisory Committee through letters to editor, articles press releases, and electronic media.
  4. Action Step: Coordinate and cooperate with the Senior Center whenever appropriate.
  5. Action Step:  If it seems desirable, hold a forum on topics of interest to seniors- citywide.

 2. Advocate for the special mobility needs of seniors.

  1. Action Step: Monitor availability of at least one drive-up Mail Box within the city.
  2. Action Step: Advocate for adequate “Accessible”  Parking
  3. Action Step:  Keep abreast of public transportation and special transportation available to seniors.
  4. Action Step:  Promote walkability of city streets and accessibility to green belt trails

 3. Speak out for our City’s seniors in contact with our county, state, and federal government officials.

  1. Action Step: Contact relevant public officials, as appropriate, regarding issues of concern to Saratoga Spring’s Seniors.
 4. Stay abreast of housing developments in the City that might offer opportunities for senior  housing.

  1. Action Step:  Attend and listen in on different organizations and committee meetings to see how their goals and successes can benefit seniors and to remind them of the needs of the senior population.
  2. Action Step:  Liaisons to report back to The Mayor’s Senior Advisory Committee with the information they have gleaned and, if appropriate, suggest further action for Mayor’s Senior Advisory Committee.

Committee Members 
Cliff Ammon
Susan Brennan

Nancy Cameron
Celeste Caruso
Tammy D’Ercole 
Phil Diamond
Jared Littleboy
Charles Meagher
Jay Portnoy 
Dolores (Dee) Sarno, Co-Chair
Ann Sheppard
Anne Trainor
Barbara Thomas, Co-Chair

Senior Related Agencies and their Representatives

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