Infrastructure Task Force

pic infrastructure meeting

The Infrastructure Task Force, under Mayor Kim's direction is already hard at work to achieve the Mayor's three goals for the Task Force which are to:

- Identify the federal, state, county grant programs attractive to the City of Saratoga Springs

- Determine infrastructure needs and priorities for our city

- Match programs and funding with priorities identified

Top Areas and Designated Related Fundable Projects

  • Loughberry Lake Dam
  • Trucks off Broadway
  • Improve Public Safety for Pedestrians
  • Water Improvements
  • Greenbelt Trail
  • Storm Water System
  • City Sewer Improvements
  • Homeless/Housing
  • Complete Streets
  • Drainage
  • Climate Action

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Task Force Members

Joanne Yepsen (Chair)
Laura Faulk
Erin Maciel
Carol Obloy
Daniel Rodecker
Amy Ryan
Jason Tepper