Historic Districts

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Historic Saratoga Springs
Several beautiful neighborhoods and Broadway comprise the historic districts. These areas contain some of the loveliest and most historic architecture in Saratoga Springs. If you live in one of the mansions on Union Avenue, a carriage house on Grand Avenue, or operate a business on Broadway, you are part of the history of Saratoga Springs.

What Is a Historic District?

In 1977, the City enacted a local historic preservation ordinance to provide for designation of buildings and neighborhoods of special historic and architectural character in order to protect them from destruction, insensitive rehabilitation or new construction. A "review process" exists to review proposed changes to buildings within the districts. The goal of the process is to protect the architectural character of the Historic District's buildings while allowing owners the flexibility to adapt the structures to changing needs.

District Boundaries
The general outlines of the districts are described below. Detailed maps of the districts are available at the Planning Department office in City Hall.

Union Avenue
Both sides of Union Avenue from Regent Street to Ludlow Street as well as structures located on the parallel streets and alleys to the north and south.

Eastside Area
400 structures on:
  • Circular Street
  • Nelson Avenue
  • Spring
  • George
  • Court
  • York
  • Phila
  • Caroline Streets
  • Lake
  • Madison
  • 5th
  • East Avenues
  • Cottage
  • Mitchell
  • Diamond
  • Morton
  • Talford Place
  • Starbuck Lane
Congress Park Area
Congress Park and sections of Broadway from Circular to Spring Streets, Sections of Circular and Regent south of Spring Street.

Hillside Area
Phila, Lafayette and Caroline between Henry and Circular Streets.

Broadway Area
Section of Broadway stretching from Spring Street to Van Dam Street.

North Broadway Area
North Broadway from Van Dam to Fourth Street, includes buildings on:
  • Greenfield
  • Clement
  • Woodlawn
  • Clinton
  • State and 1st Streets
  • Carriage House Lane
Franklin Square Area
One block west of Broadway along:
  • Grand Avenue
  • Franklin
  • Division
  • Clinton
  • Walton
  • West Harrison Streets