• Vacant Residence Form (PDF) - This form must be brought to the Saratoga Springs Police Department in person by the residence owner (proper identification required). Any form received by mail will be disregarded.
  • Police Report Request Form (PDF) - This form must be completed to request a copy of a police Case Report, Accident Report, Blotter, or other official Police Department Record. All requests for reports will be processed by Administrative staff and the report or record will be mailed back to the requestor. You must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope with the request form to the address listed at the bottom of this form. There will be a charge of 25 cents per page on all documents in excess of three pages.

    You will be contacted prior to processing and advised of the fee, and the report will be mailed back after payment is received. Please include a phone number on the form for timely processing. Reports can not be picked up in person at the department. Only requests using one of these forms are acceptable for report request processing. Requests for reports may be sent via mail or dropped off at the Police Department or Department of Public Safety.
  • Property Return Request (PDF) - Complete this form if the department has possession of property owned by YOU and you are requesting that the property be returned. Please keep in mind that some property may not be able to be immediately returned if being held as evidence in a criminal investigation/prosecution. If it is determined that the property cannot be immediately returned (normally within seven business days), you will be notified of the delay. You must show legal proof of identity before any property may be claimed.
  • Business Contact Information (PDF) - We ask that each business inside our jurisdiction file a business contact form with our agency. The purpose for this is to regularly update our computerized database for emergency response and contacts of business owners and employees. In the event an emergency arises we will make every attempt to contact someone affiliated with your business. This form can be submitted by mail or fax and we will contact your business upon receiving it to confirm the information provided.
  • Identity Theft - Keeping Your Good Name (PDF)
  • Identity Theft - Getting Back Your Good Name (PDF)
  • Personnel Complaint E-Form (PDF)
  • Personnel Complaint Form Instructions (PDF)