Mayor's Non-Profit Grant Program

Program Overview


In an effort to address growing community needs, as well as provide equitable access to City financial support for our local non-profit organizations, the Community Development Department, in coordination with the Mayor and Commissioner of Finance, established funding for a City-funded non-profit grant program, to be administered by the Mayor's office. 

Eligible Activity Categories and Entities

  • Non-profit organizations located in the City of Saratoga Springs are eligible to apply
  • Non-profits located in Saratoga County who serve City residents are also eligible
  • Eligible agencies may apply under three separate categories:
    • Human Services, Housing & Workforce Development: awards will be based on priorities established in current CDBG Consolidated Plan (may be utilized as leveraged, local funding for grants awarded under the traditional CDBG Entitlement Program)

    • Environmental Sustainability and Resiliency: awards will prioritize activities supporting Recommendations & Best Practices as detailed in the City’s Natural Resource Inventory, sustainability as outlined in the current Comprehensive Plan, reduce GHG emissions as outlined within the Paris Climate Agreement (per City Council resolution on 5/21/2019), and/or the list of actions that are part of the Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Certification program (per City Council Resolution 12/20/11)

    • Arts, Culture & History: awards will be based on yearly priorities set by the City Arts Commission

Goals established within the City’s current Consolidated Plan will be considered as part of the application evaluation process for all 3 categories. 

Funding requests will be considered at the following award levels:

  • $10,000 (4 awards available for 2022 funding)
  • $150,000* (1 award available for 2022 funding)

*Applications at the $150,000 funding level must meet the following requirements: 

  • Project must be shovel ready
  • Project must have sufficient funding - from this grant in its entirety or in combination with funds from other sources - to be completed in its entirety
  • Project will ideally involve partnership and collaboration across at least two of the three funding areas, through cost sharing and/or action steps.

Application and Award Process

The application period for 2022 allocated funds will open November 16, 2022 and close at 11:59 pm December 31, 2022. 

Applications may be reviewed by the Mayor and/or the following advisory groups:

  • Human Services, Housing & Workforce Development: Community Development Advisory Committee
  • Environmental Sustainability & Resilience: Climate Smart Task Force, Complete Streets Committee and Open Space Advisory Task Force
  • Arts, Culture, & History: City Arts Commission

All grants under this program shall require a finding by the Council that the amount of the individual grant provides a public benefit equal to or greater than the amount of the grant.

Mayor's Non-Profit Grant Program Application

  2. Please describe what your organization does and hopes to achieve.

  3. Please describe the optimal impact your organization aspires to make.

  4. Please describe the results or impact your organization has achieved over the past three years in support of its mission and vision.

  5. Please describe your organization's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  7. *even if it exceeds requested funding amount

  8. Additional Funding Needed?
  9. Additional Funding Secured?
  10. Shovel Ready?
  11. Designated Focus Area/s of Project
  12. Area/s of Collaboration
  14. Please describe why this project is necessary.

  15. Please detail how this grant funding will be used.

  16. What are the key elements of your project that are critical to achieving its intended results?

  17. How will this project benefit individuals directly served and, in a broader sense, the community of Saratoga Springs?

  18. Beyond individuals directly served, what other entities will benefit directly or indirectly from this project?

  19. How will you monitor progress toward impact throughout the grant period, and how will you know when your project's results have been achieved?

  20. Please list and describe the role of any community partners that will work with you on this project.

  21. Please list and describe the role of any other financial partners in this project, and detail how costs will be shared.

  22. Please describe the change you desire to make - for whom and by whom - with this funding. 

  23. Please use this space to provide any additional information that you believe may be helpful to your application. 

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