Poet Laureate Committee

What is the Poet Laureate

An ambassador for poetry, the Poet Laureate is expected to promote citizens' awareness of poetry as well as heighten appreciation of the art. The Poet Laureate forges a meaningful connection between poetry and the community, undertaking projects that make poetry more available and more accessible to people in their everyday lives. The Poet Laureate will officiate at selected public gatherings, initiate a dialogue between poets and the community, inspire others in their writing and personal expression, and bring recognition to the history and tradition of poetry in Saratoga Springs. 

The Poet Laureate is an honorary volunteer position, appointed by the Mayor of Saratoga Springs for a two-year term. 

What is the Poet Laureate Committee

The Poet Laureate Committee is comprised of representatives from the literary arts community of Saratoga Springs..  Members are appointed by the City Council and County Supervisors. The Committee will review and assess all nominations for the honorary position of Poet Laureate, presenting their selection to the Mayor for appointment.

Committee Members 2022-2024

  • Rachel R. Baum, Chair 
  • Terence Diggory
  • Richmond Harvey
  • Charlie Israel
  • Maria McColl
  • Gina Michelin
  • Elaine Handley, at-large
  • Lisa Kolosek, at-large


Candidates may nominate themselves, or nominations may be made by any individual or by a cultural organization, such as a poetry society, writers' group, college or university, local arts and humanities council, or library.  Applicants/nominees should be distinguished poets who are committed to the promotion of poetry throughout Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County.

To apply or to nominate a candidate for Poet Laureate, please click on the link below;

Poet Laureate, City Saratoga Springs, Application Here

The Application/Nomination period for the 2023-2024 Poet Laureate is closed.

For additional information, please contact poetlaureatessp@gmail.com