The earliest known policeman in Saratoga Springs was Joseph Bliven, who was a village constable in 1827. By 1887, Saratoga Springs had grown to a point where a Police Department was needed to ensure law and order. An act of the State Legislature created the Saratoga Springs Police Department on April 26, 1887.

On June 1, 1887, 8 men marked their first official work day in the new department. At that time, a Chief and 2 officers worked days and an Assistant Chief and 4 officers worked nights. During the summer the city population tripled, and the police force would increase to twenty-4 officers.

Police HQ was built in 1887 as a brick building that formed an annex to town hall. The department still resides in the same location, expanding out into other portions of the building as its staff grew in numbers.