Course Standards

For equipment, the bike patrol has 8 bicycles; Two Police Cannondales and 6 custom hand-made titanium frame Serotta Police Service bikes.

The Serotta Police Service bikes were donated to our department by the Serotta Company located on Geyser Road here in Saratoga Springs.

They are manufactures of world class bicycles and are in the process of building 2 more bikes for our use in the Bike Patrol. Pictured at left is one of the Serotta Police Service bikes that was donated by the Serotta Company.
Police Bike
Before attending the patrol bike certification course, every officer candidate must have participated and passed the annual department health and physical fitness standards to be eligible for selection to the bike patrol program. Candidates must then undergo additional screening exams, complete and pass the 3-minute step test administered by the department authorized fitness professional, complete a cycling-specific physical fitness test (below) using recovery heart rate, administered by a qualified fitness professional authorized by this department

Maximum Heart Rate
Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) equals 220 - age. On a stationary bicycle, the officer pedals at sufficient speed and intensity to elevate his or her heart rate to 80% of the MHR. This intensity level is sustained for 20 consecutive minutes. Should the heart rate fall below 80% MHR, 1 or 2 grace drops can be allowed; however, if the HR drops below 80% MHR a third time the candidate should be disqualified. After 20 consecutive minutes of 80% MHR the candidate stops pedaling. The candidate's heart rate must recover to 120 beats per minute or less, within 120 seconds.

3 Mile Trial
A 3-mile time trial consists of a 3-mile designated course, preferably flat and with minimal turns, free from traffic interference or other safety issues. The officer must complete the 3-mile course in less than 12:30. A medically supervised cardiovascular stress test gives a medically proven indication that an officer can safely engage in physical police cycling activity on a regular basis.