Legion of Honor

On June 17, 2006 as a member of the department's Traffic Division, Patrolman Keith Pellegri was patrolling the area of Route 50 South near the Saratoga Performing Arts Center following a Dave Matthews Concert. While on patrol, Officer Pellegri's vehicle was struck head-on by a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction that had crossed the divided highway median. Fighting through injuries suffered in the crash, Officer Pellegri was able to radio for help and detain the driver of the other vehicle until assistance could arrive. The operator of that other vehicle was determined to be driving while intoxicated and subsequently arrested.

Officer Pellegri suffered debilitating neck and leg injuries and was forced to remain out of work for extended periods of time while recuperating from his injuries along with several major surgeries. Officer Pellegri attempted to return to work numerous times in the years following the crash only to find the pain unbearable. Because of his injuries, Officer Pellegri was finally forced to retire as a police officer in 2009 at the young age of 42.

Officer Pellegri passed away tragically and unexpectedly in June, 2010. He left behind a loving family, including his wife, Doreen, his children Andrew and Alexandra, his parents Joseph and Nikki, and his sister Terry. The members of the department will never forget Keith's smile and sense of humor and his uncanny ability to calm even the most volatile situations and will always consider him, and his family, part of the SSPD family. It is with utmost respect and fond memories that the department awards Patrolman Keith Pellegri the Legion of Honor.