Emergency 911 Notification System

The City of Saratoga Springs and the Saratoga Springs Police Department, in conjunction with the Saratoga County Office of Emergency Management now has the ability to reach all homes and businesses located in the City of Saratoga Springs in the event of a public emergency. In the event of such an emergency, the department will send a message to the affected areas via this system that will contain important safety information along with actions that should be taken by the public, if any.

Landline phone numbers within the boundaries of the city are collected from the various service providers are maintained in the phone number database. Cell phone numbers are not collected from service providers. However, you may register your cell phone in order to receive an emergency notification system call in the form of voice, text or both.

Register your number and preference on the Hyper-Reach website. Hyper-Reach is a third party vendor that has contracted with Saratoga County to provide this service. The database is maintained by Hyper-Reach only. Members of the Saratoga Springs Police Department will not have access to any private information provided.
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