Tree Planting, Pruning & Maintenance

Trees are one of the most cost-effective parts of our urban infrastructure.  Trees beautify our City as well as provide shade to consumers and residents alike.  Our City contains thousands of trees in parks, tree lawns, right of ways and easements. Our four man tree crew is led by an ISA Certified Arborist.

At the beginning of 2014 the Tree Department started a “Dutch Elm Disease Sanitation Program”.  This program consists of the prompt removal and disposal of any DED infected American Elm trees and employs a proactive stance by preventative inoculations.  

The Tree Department works in conjunction with "Sustainable Saratoga" to promote and expand our population and diversity of trees.  A “Clearances Program” is also followed to maintain safe clearance distances from traffic, driveways, sidewalks, yards, homes and power lines.  We also work closely with National Grid. This close relationship ensures a high level of pruning and overall tree care that our residents deserve.

In line with our adopted Urban Forest Master Tree Plan, trees are only removed if they pose a significant threat to public safety or if the control of disease within the specimen is not a viable option.  

If you have a planting, pruning or maintenance issue you may contact the Department of Public Works at 518-587-3550, ext 2555
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