Drop In City/Non-City Rec Card

All wishing to participate in a Drop In rec program is asked to have a Drop In Rec Card. To receive a Drop In REC CARD one simply needs to register an account with the Recreation Department. An account grants access to register for all programs online and the ability to order a Drop In Rec Card. Drop In Rec Cards are good for two years and allows participation in the City of Saratoga Springs Recreation Department drop in programs. 

Why get a Drop In Rec Card?

1. Regardless of residency, it is simpler and quicker to participant in drop in programs.  A City or Non-City Drop In REC CARD is good for two years and serves as your permission agreement for any recreation drop in programs.  Simply scan your City or Non-City Drop In REC CARD at the desk and pay your fee with no paperwork.  This eliminates the necessity of completing permission agreement forms every time you participate in one of our drop in programs.

How do I get a Drop In Rec Card?

Log into your Community Pass account and register for a City or Non-city Drop In REC CARD.  The first time you are at the Ice Rink or Rec Center, your picture will be taken and you will be given your Drop In REC CARD.

If you live outside the City, proof of residency is not needed but you must still obtain a Drop In REC CARD to  participate in drop in programming so you do not need to complete the additional paperwork each time you participate.

Where to use your Drop In Rec Card?

Recreation Center:

  • Open Adult (17+) Basketball
  • Pickleball
  • Open Gym
  • Racquetball
  • Walking

Ice Rink:

  • Family Skate (Needed to obtain City discount)
  • Open Public (Needed to obtain City discount)
  • Open Figure
  • Open Adult (17+) Hockey
  • Family and Open Stick


How do I renew my Drop In Rec Card?

All Drop In Rec Cards will expire after two years. You will renew by logging into your online account and re-registering for a City or Non-City Drop In REC CARD. Saratoga Springs City residents will again need to provide proof of residency. 

Please contact the Recreation Department at recreservations@saratoga-springs.org or 518-587-3550 x2300 with questions or for assistance with online registration.

Thank you for your support!