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Re-Designed Skate Park Now Open

The Saratoga Springs Recreation Department is very pleased to announce that the Grand Opening of our newly renovated Skate Park occurred on July 20th, 2023.

Built in 1989, the East Side Recreation (Rec) skatepark is the oldest municipal skatepark in New York State. In conjunction with Jah Skate Shop, which was located at 8 Caroline Street from 1988 until 1993, the skatepark used to host many team demos, spawned a few professional skaters, and in the mid-90's was an official stop for Vans Warped Tour skate contest qualifications. The skatepark is a highly respected piece of East Coast skate history, and its popularity has grown along with the popularity of skateboarding and other wheeled sports.

Special thanks to the City of Saratoga Springs, OnDeck Saratoga, the Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works, and the Saratoga Springs School District for their cooperative efforts to see this project through to completion.

OnDeck Saratoga was founded in 2012 by Belinda Colón and her husband, skateboarder Benj Gleeksman as a vehicle for promoting skateboarding, skatepark stewardship and creativity through community-based events. OnDeck Saratoga maintains a 501(c)(3) status through the Saratoga Institute.