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Poet Laureate-City Saratoga Springs-Application Here


    Individuals may submit on their own behalf (Applicant), or on behalf of another person (Nominee).  For applications to be considered, the following information must be provided to the Poet Laureate Committee by 11:59 pm EDT, October 15, 2022.

    Online submissions are strongly encouraged and preferred. In the event the Applicant/Nominee is unable to submit electronically, please forward nine (9) copies of the completed submission for and materials to:

    Poet Laureate Committee, c/o Office of the Mayor; Saratoga Springs City Hall, Suite 11; 474 Broadway; Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

    For additional information please contact:

  2. Qualifications of Nominee
    • 21 years old at time of nomination;
    • Current resident of Saratoga County for at least one year, with the intent to live in Saratoga County for the full two year term of the Poet Laureate; 
    • Publicly recognized as a poet and well regarded for outstanding work;
    • Body of published work in print or digital media;
    • Prepared to undertake the public role of the Laureate;
    • Able and available to reach Saratoga audiences both in person and online;
    • Agree to the conditions and terms of the two year appointment.
  3. Applicant/Nominee Information:

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  4. Nominator information (required if you are nominating someone else):

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  5. If the nominator does not have access to the following documents, the form may be submitted without them.

  6. Please upload a current resume or CV for the applicant/nominee

  7. Please upload a bibliography of the applicant/nominee's published work

  8. Please upload a work sample of up to ten pages of original poetry written by the applicant/nominee

  9. Please upload a Writer's Statement* from the applicant/nominee

    *A Writer's Statement is a one-page personal statement explaining why you want to become the Poet Laureate (or why you are nominating the candidate) and what you (they) want to accomplish in this role. 

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