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Crimes Tips

  1. We Pay Cash for Credible Information

  2. Do you have information about a crime that has occurred, or about persons engaged in criminal activity? If so, we need your help. The Saratoga Springs Police Department pays CASH for credible information that leads to the arrest of people who sell illegal drugs, sell stolen property, commit burglaries or robberies, or engage in other types of illegal behavior. If you have information about a crime or criminals, you can earn cash by calling the TIPS LINE at 584-TIPS (584-8477).

  3. If you have information about a crime in progress or a crime that will occur soon, you should call your local Police Department immediately at 911 (if an emergency) or at their non-emergency number.

  4. The non-emergency line for the Saratoga Springs Police is: 518-584-1800.

    For non emergency crime tip information, call 518-584-TIPS or complete and submit the form below.

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